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San Miguel

San Miguel

San Miguel festivities are held in La Ermita, a district of La Vila, on the closest weekend to 29th September. They are the oldest festivities in La Vila Joiosa and its region as they date back to the 16th century, when in December 1533, King Charles V granted the town permission to hold an annual market and fair in perpetuity from San Miguel to All Saints' Day.

This royal concession was important for La Vila as it allowed the sale of agricultural products whose harvests finished at the end of September, matching the festivity of the patron saint, Saint Michael. Years later, the saint would share the town patronage with Santa Marta, as she interceded to prevent a Saracen attack; the representation of this historical event has brought the Moors and Christians festivities.

Despite the importance of the San Miguel fair, the festivities in honour of Santa Marta have gained in participation, moving the patron saint to a secondary place. Even so, they are traditional patron saint festivals and bring together a large number of locals as well. An annual event not to be missed by all those who want to have fun and enjoy an special atmosphere.

The fiestas of San Miguel have an extensive programme of events, the most important of which include:

-The traditional "Vaqueta". Every afternoon there is an amateur bullfight with young bulls (vaquetas) , specially setted up for the occasion. It is attended by many locals.
-"Les tapetes dels Reis". (The Kings tapas) On Friday night, the Moors and Christians companies, who will hold the position of king the following year, prepare a party with traditional tapas and music to raise funds for the next year's celebrations. It is one of the most crowded events of the fiestas in which more than 15,000 tapas are served.
-All-i-oli and Paella Competition. With a great atmosphere even for non-contestants.
-Correfocs, concerts, children's games, procession, chocolate, fireworks, fair...
A festival with a traditional flavour that marks the end of the summer in this town of the Costa Blanca.