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The Templar cross is the family coat of arms of the Aragonese family, which is why it can be found on different objects in this house-museum. According to the books of arms, the Templar Juan Aragonés arrived in La Vila with Jaime I in the 13th century. His descendants, who held important political, military and religious posts until the 19th century, were the owners of this 17th century country house transformed into a romantic villa.

Barbera dels Aragonés


City Museum and centre of the Network of Museums and Monuments of La Vila Joiosa.



Chocolates Pérez is an artisan chocolate factory. It is a family business totally passionate about what they do , and how they do it, which has led them to obtain the recognition of the Generalitat Valenciana, by granting the seal of Artesanía Comunitat Valenciana (Valencian Community Craftsmanship).

A visit to Chocolates Pérez tastes like tradition, like a family, like coming home, and actually it is the master chocolatier himself who usually guides visitors and explains all the processes involved in the artisan production of chocolate. The intense aroma that we feel as soon as we cross the door may make us want to dive into the machines where this sweet 'liquid gold' is constantly stirred.

Museo del Chocolate Perez


In 1998, Chocolates Valor went a step further in the dissemination and research of its product and created the Chocolate Museum.



The first lines of the history of Chocolates Clavileño were written more than 130 years ago. It was Jaume 'Martí', great-grandfather of the current managers, who decided to dedicate his life to make this precious 'liquid gold'. From that moment on they have followed this 'vocation', over the generations, improving methods and techniques but always maintaining the tradition, the artisan production inherited from their ancestors.

Museo Clavileño