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Museum of the city and centre of the Network of Museums and Monuments of La Vila Joiosa.

It is considered the most accessible museum in Europe. In fact, Vilamuseu works to guarantee access to the building and contents for everyone. The main objective of this museum, and its team, is to allow everyone to enjoy the heritage, and therefore try to remove physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological, cultural and economic barriers.

La Vila Joiosa has more than 2700 years of history and Vilamuseu keeps pieces of each civilization that have lived in this place. That is why in Vilamuseu we can dress up as Roman soldiers, contemplate rare or extraordinary pieces in the Iberian Peninsula, such as an orientalizing gold necklace from the 6th century BC, or an Egyptian New Year's flask. We will find hundreds of Roman amphorae, touch a Roman mosaic or the model of the Funerary Tower of Sant Josep, immerse yourself in the Moors and Christians Festivities of La Vila Joiosa... These are just some examples of the experiences waiting for us in this museum that hosts some very special pieces of the rich historical heritage of the city.

Also in Vilamuseu we find the Interpretation Centre of the Bou Ferrer Shipwreck. A Roman ship 30 meters long that traveled to Rome with thousands of amphorae filled with garum (a fish sauce highly valuable at the time) and lead ingots personal property of Emperor Nero.

In Vilamuseu children have their own space: VILAKIDS, with a wide range of activities for the little ones to have fun while they discover history.

Vilamuseu opened its doors in 2016 and is located on the site of the former Dr Esquerdo Public School. The school's facade has been integrated into the building, and it is an example of historicist architecture, as it imitates classical styles: the twin or double windows reproduce medieval palaces, while the ovals and arrows emulate Greek and Roman architecture. With a contemporary design, Vilamuseu offers luminous spaces, transparencies that connect the different floors to facilitate orientation, and at the same time allow everybody to have a look at the tecnics´s work in the restoration room. Wiide circulation spaces, chromatic contrasts among floors, tactile information, easy-to-read texts and many other features based on the extensive use of the principles of universal design. Vilamuseu's inclusive and accessible design and contents have earned several awards, including the 'Best Practices of the Design for All Foundation'.

Furthermore , Vilamuseu is currently a satellite campus of the “Universitat d'Alacant” (Alicante´s University) in La Vila, with a wide and varied cultural and academic offer.



Magnífica colección de museo. También me gustó mucho el diseño arquitectónico del museo. ¡Recomiendo visitar!


"Un museo muy chulo y bien montado. Un montón de cosas y actividades interactivas. Si vas con niños imprescindible. Además es muy divertido."


"Me resultó muy interesante. Y la arquitectura y distribución del Museo muy buenas, todo muy accesible."


"Nos ha gustado mucho, el personal ha sido muy atento con nosotros y muy cercano, concretame el bedel ha hecho de nuestra visita un rato muy agradable, recomiendo mucho!"